The parties hereto hereby acknowledge that the following additional terms and conditions are incorporated in and made a part of this Contract.


1.0 Billing:

Artist shall receive 75% headline billing and no less than 25% opening act billing in all advertising, publicity and promotions for this event.

2.0 Payment:

2.1†††† All payments provided for hereunder shall be made by Money Order or Cash.

2.2†† ††† Payment shall be made in U.S. Currency unless specifically provided herein.

2.3†† ††† All Payments shall be made payable to Tory Barnett unless otherwise specified.

2.4†† ††† A deposit of 50% of the total guaranteed compensation shown on the Contract shall be due by the date specified on the Contract. The deposit shall be in the form of a money order, cashiers check made payable as described in 2.3.†† If the deposit is not received by the due date Artist shall have the right to cancel the engagement without liability of any kind to the Purchaser.

2.5††††††† When a percentage figure is included in the total compensation due to the Artist, the method of calculating the percentage shall be gross receipts determined by admissions.

2.6††††† All tickets must be consecutively numbered.

2.7††††† Artist shall have access if they wish to the box office prior to opening to inspect the ticket manifest provided by the printer.

2.8††††† No tickets shall be offered at a discount or a premium without prior written consent of the Artist. All tickets shall be calculated at the full face value on the ticket.

2.9†† †††† Artist or Artistís representative shall have full access to all box office sales to determine the gross receipts of the performance.

2.10††† Purchaser shall not distribute more than ______% of total number of available seats as complimentary tickets. Each complimentary ticket shall be issued as a cancelled ticket and may not be sold. Purchaser agrees to supply proper radio, television and newspaper personnel with complimentary tickets from Purchasers allotment.

2.11††††† In addition the Purchaser shall provide Artist with _____ complimentary tickets per performance, the unused portion of which shall be placed on sale the day of the performance with the permission of the Artist or the Artistís representative.

2.12††††† Purchaser shall be responsible for all counterfeit tickets. Under no circumstances shall Artist absorb any loss as a result of such tickets.

3.0 Publicity and Advertising

3.1†† †††† Purchaser agrees to use only those current publicity materials provided by Artist or Artistís representative to advertise and publicize this event.Purchaser may use materials from the Artistís website:

3.2††††††† Purchaser agrees to publicize the engagement to its fullest capabilities including display ads in major area newspapers, listings in all available media formats, bill posting, mailings and distribution of circulars as well as any possible pre-promotions on radio or television. Purchaser shall be responsible for all matters relating to the promotion and production of the performance, including but not limited to production costs, venue rentals, security and advertising.

3.3††††††† Artist requests that Purchaser forward any clippings of original reviews, previews, publicity, advertising and copies of posters to Artist at the address provided.

4.0 Hall:

4.1†† †††† Purchaser shall provide personnel to staff the hall with ushers, ticket takers, and box office.

4.2††††††† Stage must be accessible to performers by means other than through the audience.

4.3††††††† For all indoor performances hall must be open to sound and lighting techs 3 hours prior.

4.4††††††† For all outdoor performances Purchaser must provide a covering over the stage area to protect artists and all equipment.

5.0 Security:

5.1††††††† Purchaser shall provide adequate security to insure safety of Artist and Artistís personnel, equipment, instruments, personal property and vehicles from the time of arrival at the venue until final departure. Purchaser shall be responsible for the security of all items in Artistís dressing rooms and shall prevent all unauthorized personnel from entry to dressing rooms or backstage area. Security will prevent unauthorized persons from entering hall during sound check and from coming on-stage during and after performance.

5.2††††††† Purchaser shall provide Artist with_______ backstage passes upon Artistís arrival at venue unless Artist notifies Purchaser of other arrangements.

5.3††††††† When Artist provides laminate passes, NO backstage passes, stage access passes or guest passes may be distributed by Purchaser without Artists approval.


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5.4††††††† All guest tickets and backstage passes shall be picked up at box office and not stage door.

6.0 Dressing Rooms:

6.1 †††††† Purchaser shall provide _________ clean, lockable, dressing rooms, well heated or air conditioned, well lighted with mirror and private bathroom in or near dressing room (s).††† Dressing rooms shall be accessible to the stage by a separate entrance other than through the audience.All unauthorized people shall be denied access to dressing room area.

6.2††††††† Purchaser agrees to provide bottled water on stage and refreshments backstage with a hot meal after sound check for Artists band and crew.Please refer to Hospitality Rider included.Please notify Artistís representative of final food arrangements at least 1 week prior to the performance.

Initial if applicable††††† Artist_____††† Purchaser_____

7.0 Lodging: Artist requires _________ double rooms with two double beds at a AAA-recommended hotel for _____ nights for the dates of: ___________________________and a private bath near the venue.Rooms shall be pre-paid by the purchaser and confirmation numbers, address, phone, and fax numbers, e-mail address and contact person provided to Artist at least two weeks prior to performance.

Initial if applicable††† Artist_____†† Purchaser_____

8.0 Transportation:

Purchaser agrees to provide ground transportation at Purchasers expense to and from airport, Hotel and venue. Artist requires a vehicle large enough to transport ____ people, luggage equipment and instruments. When Artist is required to use public transportation from an airport, bus, train station Purchaser shall reimburse Artist the full amount of receipt at time of settlement. Purchaser shall provide time schedules for recommended public transport as well as street maps and directions.

Initial if applicable††† Artist_____Purchaser_____

9.0 Merchandising:

9.1 †††††† Artist or Artistís licensee shall have the sole right to sell, advertise, promote and distribute prior to, during and after the performance any and all merchandise bearing the Artistís name and/or likeness, including but not limited to souvenir program books, pictures, posters, stickers, records, tapes, CDs, and items of clothing, etc. All receipts derived from the sale of said merchandise belong solely to the Artist.

9.2 †††† Purchaser shall provide an appropriate size table(usually 5-6 feet) set up in a convenient location for display and sale of merchandise.

9.3††††††† Artist or Artistís representative will conduct an inventory of all merchandise prior to any sale and again at the close of all sales.

9.4††††††† Purchaser is responsible to provide security for all merchandise and for all moneys for sales.††

10. Recording Restrictions:

No performance shall be recorded, reproduced or transmitted in any manner without specific written permission from the Artist or Artistís designated representative.



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