1. Play well!

2. Listen.

3. Be in tune.

4. Be visible.

5. Be a friend as well as a musician.

6. Be on time.

7. Be prepared.

8. Dress appropriately.

9. Avoid conflict.

10. Have necessary equipment.

11. Avoid excessive responsibility.

12. Blend musically onstage.

13. Always play as if prospective employers are watching, tape and cameras are rolling, and 10,000 people are in the audience.

14. Play at a volume to where you can hear the vocalist and/or soloist at all times.

15. Avoid talking and acting negatively.

16. Learn unfamiliar tunes to avoid "winging it".

17. Approach working with other musicians with a beginner's attitude.

18. Be attentive to arrangement and to the vocalist.

19. When talking to or about players, be constructive, not destructive.

20. Remember that being asked to turn down in volume should be no different than being asked to turn up.

21. Learn something from everyone.

22. Be appreciative of musical advice and assistance.

23. Thoroughly check out all job prospects.

24. Know your job description.

25. Stay in touch with other musicians.

26. Have promo materials with you at all times.

27. Be aware of your actions onstage.

28. Utilize time spent offstage.

29. Remember that all talents come from Almighty God, and be thankful.

30. Have fun!

written by Donnie Castleman

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